Where are our products made?

All products are Made in Germany!

What does CORAL FRIENDLY mean?

Both the Pacific state of Palau and Hawaii have enacted new laws prohibiting certain sun care products with coral-damaging ingredients from Jan. 1, 2020 (Palau) and Jan. 1, 2021 (Hawaii), respectively. We are sure that more countries will follow. ABOUT SUNCARE products do not contain any of the prohibited ingredients and are therefore „Hawaii and Palau compliant“.


Which sun protection factor (SPF) is best for me?

The sun protection factor always depends on the skin type, the place and the time the skin is exposed to the sun. The following recommendations apply for different skin types:

  • Skin type 1 - “very light skin”, light eyes, blond or red hair: here we recommend a high sun protection factor (SPF 50).
  • Skin type 2 - “fair to medium skin”, blond to light brown hair, light to brown eyes: here we recommend a medium sun protection factor (SPF 30).
  • Skin type 3 - “dark to very dark skin”, dark eyes and hair: here we recommend a sun protection factor of at least SPF 15 or SPF 30.
  • sun protection is also important for very dark skin

    What is the difference between UV-A and UV-B protection?

    UV-A rays are responsible for accelerated skin aging. UV-B rays can cause sunburn when penetrating the upper layers of the skin. ABOUT SUNCARE products contain both a balanced UV-A and UV-B protection. Thus, the skin is protected from sunburn and from accelerated skin aging.

    How much product does the skin need?

    It is recommended to apply sun products generously. The following applies here: Much helps much! Depending on the skin condition and area, the contents of several capsules can be applied one on top of the other. After a longer stay in the sun, the protection must be renewed. The special texture makes it possible to apply the capsules under or over makeup.

    How often should the product be applied?

    To maintain the protective effect, ABOUT SUNCARE capsules should be applied regularly and repeatedly. Especially after sports activities, after bathing and toweling , as well as after increased perspiration. Always protect babies and young children from direct sunlight. Avoid intense midday sun!

    What is octocrylene?

    Octocrylene is a filter that filters mainly UV-B rays. According to the latest scientific findings, it is suspected of harming the environment and the waters. Why? Octocrylene is contained in many sun products and thereby enters our aquatic environment. It is suspected that octocrylene harms corals because it is not biodegradable. The metabolism of corals and mussels is so strongly impaired that hardly any nutrients can be absorbed. For these reasons, we have avoided such ingredients, which are subject to criticism.

    Do ABOUT SUNCARE products contain parabens?

    No, ABOUT SUNCARE products do not contain parabens or other preservatives.

    For which skin types are ABOUT SUNCARE products suitable?

    ABOUT SUNCARE products are generally suitable for all skin types. Since the ingredients are very well absorbed into the skin, an additional care product can be used for extremely dry skin or the desire for more suppleness.

    For normal or combination skin, the capsule can be used as a sole care or in combination with a moisturizer.

    For an oily or oily skin, the capsule is usually enough and it leaves a matte finish after being absorbed.

    Are ABOUT SUNCARE products suitable for sensitive skin?

    Yes, ABOUT SUNCARE products are excellent for sensitive skin because we use very few and selected ingredients. All products do not contain silicones, mineral oils, fragrances, alcohols or synthetic polymers. ABOUT SUNCARE Products are also suitable for children. The excellent skin compatibility has been dermatologically confirmed.

    Are ABOUT SUNCARE products suitable for persons suffering from sun allergy (Mallorca Acne)?

    Sun allergy is a skin condition that occurs differently in each person. In most cases, however, it is caused by emulsifiers in sun products. We at ABOUT SUNCARE can do without them thanks to our unique capsule technology.

    Are ABOUT SUNCARE products vegan?

    Yes, all products are vegan!

    Are ABOUT SUNCARE products comedogenic?

    No, ABOUT SUNCARE products are not comedogenic. The formulations specially designed for the face do not cause impurities.

    Why don't ABOUT SUNCARE products have any labels?

    We have deliberately decided not to use labels such as " organic ", "halal " or " vegan " for ABOUT SUNCARE products. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, there are simply too many of them, and not all of them actually mean what they claim. In addition, the certifications are very costly, have to be renewed regularly and we would have to add these additional costs to our sales price. Our ABOUT SUNCARE products contain only very high quality ingredients and we want to offer them at fair prices. Our products are all made in Germany and are subject to strict quality tests. All our products are dermatologically tested.

    How should ABOUT SUNCARE capsules be stored?

    ABOUT SUNCARE capsules should be stored, dry and out of reach of children.

    What is the shelf life of ABOUT SUNCARE capsules?

    We guarantee the product quality for 12 months after the first opening.

    When should I apply ABOUT SUNCARE products?

    ABOUT SUNCARE products should be applied at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. It is best to apply every morning on cleansed skin and thus integrate it into the daily skin care routine.